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Oh wow I'm getting deactive

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 22, 2016, 1:18 PM
It's over a month and I now notice all the birthday wishes! Thank you everyone!

I'm looking into updating a lot of art sites I'm on around december again~ busy atm ^^;


Why is Deviantart stupid?

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 25, 2016, 5:20 AM
It's not a lie to say that the community here in Deviantart consists mostly of people behaving like 10-year-olds. They live in a reality twisted bubble and common sense doesn't exist.
For a good long time I just thought "we pay more attention to stupid comments here because it's a myth here", and usually that's how things work. But this isn't the case for DeviantArt's stupidity.
They way several people act here is something I can say I've not experienced elsewhere, Deviantart has it's own culture of behaving and commenting before thinking first.

I'm not saying that I'm not stupid as well, but I'm talking about the level where people completely seriously state things like "A sparrow is a feline" and become enraged if someone questions their statement.

BUT WHY IS THIS? I don't get it.
Actually, why are other art community sites not rotten like DA? Why is it just DA?
Elsewhere, you tend to have circles of different people, but in DA these (assuming) children are everywhere instead.

I usually tackle stupid comments by laughing them off, but the amount I face here is overwhelming to handle.
This journal is probably going to be crowded by such comments too, what is the point of posting this here? IDK

My excuse to stick here was because I moderated a group I felt was important for the community to keep up, but that group is now dead.
It's dead because there aren't enough of competent people who could help run it. Everyone sensible leaves. It's a sensible thing to do for a sensible person.

Maybe I should finally leave too.


Learn Krita!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 4:34 PM
Krita is the drawing program I use for all my work, it's also quickly growing and the best you can have right now. And free on top of everything nice c:
Download Krita for Linux, Windows or experimental for mac:…

Want to learn how to use Krita?
There's a lot of free tutorials out there, also ones you can purchase.
This month they released a new training book, this time with a really nice sneak peak into the first 2 chapters, which are really helpful if you're just getting started!
A good descriptions of the tools important to get started and information to get started with painting and/or drawing~
Check it out:…
Or even buy the book:… (unfortunately the giveaway is already over)

I also recommend David Revoy's free tutorials here:…

Dream of becoming a 2D game artist?
A professional 2D game artist is running a kickstarter to give out training how to use professional techniques using Krita!
You can even get some personal training, how awesome!…

Animation tools in beta!
Aaah, shiny new feature! Animation!! Check this beta version :DD…

I'm so excited to see Krita develop! It's so nice to have an intuitive program to use thats made the artists in mind and being available for everyone :3
You have no clue how long I waited and struggled with digital art until I discovered Krita.


Needed some good stuff to put up here as the latest journal finally.
Also free art raffle over my FA account to celebrate 13k watchers:…

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Tracers, thoughts.

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 6:12 AM
Sometimes when people trace/steal and then proceed to block the people they ripped from, still fighting back and denying that they did wrong. I think they deserve masses of people jumping on them and raging that they're doing wrong.
If we just keep sugarcoating shit and being nice to those who do evil things - how will they ever ACTUALLY learn to behave?

Human psychology works so that we need some kind of shock to change into better.

Please let this tracer in denial know that we are only their enemy until they apologize and stop.…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another alert: Do not commission anyone who has freshly set up their account. There is a scammer running wild in FA atm pretending to be various different artists and "taking commissions" - while their accounts are usually banned within a day, they keep making more and more all the time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I guess that's all, sorry for only having sad news.

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You know what disgusts me here on DA?

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 2, 2015, 11:41 AM
That a lot of people trace pieces from other artists, especially when they do them as gifts for people who have no clue that the pic is traced. That kind of rudeness just goes over my head, holy shit.
I can kiiiind of understand tracing pics to amuse oneself but to give them for other people is just WOAH SO BAD, cause when the people find out that it was just a trace it's gonna hurt them.


ps. On an entirely other note, since FA is down I might as well submit more pics to here.

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Thoughts and Thanks

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 22, 2015, 1:53 AM
After browsing through my friend list over here, I found lots of people I used to know, also lots of artist friends who were really awesome. But it's sad to see so many people stopping to do what they loved to do. DA really sometimes gives me the feels that it's a gallery of the past. But I should really update my page sometime, so at least those who follow me know that I'm still chasing my dreams and I will never stop. What made me look is that I saw a dream where I had a party where I invited all of those old friends who we grew apart with, I wanted to tell everyone how well life is now and how I've finally reached a few of those goals in life that I set a long time ago and I wanted to know where all those other people had gotten into - but that I'll never know, it's where the dream ended.

If you have a dream, never give up! What is life if you're not aiming to do what you want! Stay stubborn and it'll be worth it :3

Also thank you everyone who wished me happy birthday, even if most did it a day late (I guess DA displays times in american time) - I had an awesome one. Kahvi got me a cintiq 13hd  to take with me on travels and my mom bought me roller skates that I've dreamed of for my entire life but only now I'm in a place where I can use them (yay for concrete streets). And on top of that I'm finally getting myself a kitty I always wanted to have, a maine coon, a big and fluffy cat! I've saved for one for years and now is the time, only two weeks and she is here!

Ps. Soon on FA I'll reach 13 000 watchers and I'll hold an awesome raffle to celebrate, if you're not watching me there already go go go:…

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TraconX was awesome!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 6, 2015, 9:29 AM
Thank you, this years Tracon was the best ever. I had lots of fun, talked with lots of different people, old friends and new. And on top of all got my table sold empty from everything by the half of sunday~
Now I'm full of inspiration and energy to draw some new stuff! :D

I am also sorry for not having uploaded anything to over here in ages. I'll bulk upload something at some point again ^^;

Unexpected name change?

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 23, 2015, 6:01 AM
Nah, probably just cause I've not really talked about it much. But as perhaps a few people know, I've really disliked my nickname 'neko' for years and years and I've really wanted to change it. But I never really grew into a new nickname until now finally. Unfortunetly my new nickname, while I had been still growing into it (I've used this on SL and steam for half a year by now) has been targeted by posers a lot. I guess the name is really that good... But I wont let a bunch of posers stop me from finally getting somewhat rid of my previous nickname as it's something I've seeked for years, not only a few but many many!

To be honest, I actually disliked my nickname eversince I started using it, cause it doesn't really feel 'me', I just simply had nothing else cause I was bad at names, and still are.
And it always felt strange that I hated my nickname and liked my real name, like... isn't that supposed to be the otherway around normally?

You are of course, still welcome to call me by either Neko or Neotheta or even Neo if you want something short. And you'll see me around with both nicknames.
This also gives me the ability to sign to several websites which where my previous nickname was already taken at or invalid because of the '-' in it, exciting! :3

-Neotheta / Neko

WARNING: Impersonator on Skype!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 11, 2015, 3:57 AM
Ah here we go again with negative news, reposted from my FA journal:

I recently recieved a note from someone who had been added by a person pretending to be me, their skype name is very close to mine (only one letter difference), they use my secondary nickname "Neotheta" as their display name (name I use on steam and SL and other non-art related places) and they use the same avatar as me. Please be aware that this person is NOT me, do not accept them if they add you. I don't know why they are pretending to be me, but it's very likely malicious! They might be trying to scam people for money or maybe they're trying to ruin my image somehow.

MY real skype name is neko-maya, and when looking me up there should be a text advicing people to add me on steam instead since I use skype only for irl friends and family.

I'll try look if skype has a report system for something like this, it's really scary! D:

Blehhh, updates!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 11, 2015, 3:29 AM
I was supposed to come here to tell happy fun nice news but everytime I return to DA there's always art thieves and then it takes ages to fill reports etc. And leaves me in a bad mood. Why are people so delusional and retarded thinking they can get away with reposting / tracing other peoples works? BLEH!

- - - -

Anyways, lets go into the happy news instead and maybe life will be better again!

I've finally moved from home whooohooo, about time since I'm already 22!! But to where? To Jyväskylä! Which is far far away from where I used to live, it's really nice here tho, for a city it's really peaceful and theres even a forest really closeby :3 Obviously I'm not living alone, but with Kahvikello and MooMoo <3

Also I'm currently working on illustrations for a childrens book that will be internationally released, and it has animals in it! It's been fun so far! :3

I'll post some art here soonish maybe hopefully~

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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 15, 2015, 3:02 PM
I have new website urls too:

And I also have a business name now wheeeeee! Progress in life! Not just a freelancer anymore~ ;u;

What else has happend in my life even? I don't remember what I've said over here previously at all hmmmmmmmmmhg.
Tomorrow I'm taking my cintiq to repairs since there's already fooooking deadpixel in the MIDDLE OF EVERYTHING Aaaaaa then my old little cintiq must amuse me with it's desaturated colours for a while.


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Aaah so busy!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 9, 2014, 2:10 PM
So tired, so busy so not enough time for anything not even art! But pretty much just two weeks left of school now! I can do it I can do iiiit! Then I'll upload all the drawings and reply to things I've wanted to reply to here and also hopefully stop being sick too, I mean rest the illnesses away finally!

Anyways, updated the Luceiry Database site a lot last weekend and over this week, mostly thanks to my friends filling in their characters pages n stuff, there's some new artworks too that I managed to quickly scribble down! Go look if you'd like to see arts and discover a different universe of my creation (with the help and assisting of my awesome friends of course)



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Tracon9 was awesome

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 1:26 AM
Thank you everyone who were at Tracon9, you made it awesome this year! Everything was great, I had company all the time, met cool people and ate pancakes! It was brilliant <3

Now... 5 more weeks until freedom!

So, awfully much tired ah! @_X

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 27, 2014, 10:33 AM
It's only been 1½ weeks in my work replacement place and I'm already pretty much dead. I'm tired, I sleep for a good amount but I'm still tired. My back hurts -so much- and I have a constant headache. Yet I have such a drive to draw, I can't rest cause I really really want to draw! Drawdrawdraw more and more! so much art augh! I can't wait to finish school so I can draw all day and life nicely and healthy~!! ;_;

I updated my website a little, go check it out:

And then umm, yes Tracon is about to get close! I'll be there in artist table number 64! Come find me and buy my sexy huggle pillowcases or maybe some foxy t-shirts to wear! C:
Also say hi, and don't be scared to talk to me!! I really really like when people come talk to me! ;u;; I may also be found at the saturday furry meet, I will wear yellowgreen.

That's all, time to go back into being dead.

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More personal art and comics?

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 2:54 PM
Would you be interested in seeing more personal art and comics from me in the future? I've started up a patreon account so people who can, can donate a small sum each month to support me creating personal art! Currently all of my income comes from and my times goes to art commissions, so that is the reason why lately there has been very few personal pieces. I'd especially like to expand my personal world Luceiry.

Follow the link to my Patreon page

By supporting me on Patreon you also gain extra perks! Such as see patreon only sketches, concepts and wips, hear and see about commission openings and new arts in advance, also join to my montly raffle between all patreons! Every little helps, since when there's many people the little amounts become big! :3


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Kickstart Krita: The FREE amazing art application!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 22, 2014, 9:01 AM
Just lately I've moved to use Krita for my art (as many of you have seen in my streams), and right now it's already amazing - but EVERYSINGLE DAY they are working on making it even better. The developers listen to all users about their wishes on the future tools and improvements. And almost everyday since the kickstarter has been running they've published a new update with new tools and fixes! That speed I've never seen before! Wow! They also keep refining every tool to be absolutely perfect!

What is better is that the application itself is completely free, everyone can use it! It works on linux, it works on windows (they've been fixing the crashing that happend before) and maybe if the kickstarter really succeeds it will come for mac too. They think about everybody!

1. Throw them some money [click click!!]
2. Spread the word! Do it do it do it!
3. Check the program out yourself! (it's really easy to install!) :D

And hopefully the ultimate drawing/painting application will become real! (or should I say, reach perfection?) There's even a pledge amount where YOU can decide whatever feature you please to be added to it! ;D

- - - - - - -

And oh wow I'm so hyped and happy about my new combo of art tools, everythings new, everythings so much better than before! Also check out for free (furry) streaming with no adverts, no quality limits and wonderful customizable personal stream page! B3

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I'm in england

Journal Entry: Thu May 29, 2014, 4:35 PM
Just so you know, I don't really have time to check DA while I'm here, sorryyy!

But it's been awesome, confuzzled was amazing, and I am well 83

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Journal Entry: Mon May 12, 2014, 1:21 PM
One week until England. So much to do, so much to do, SO MUCH TO DO. I'm so tired and I'm so stressed and aauuuughhh I cannot rest!!! I keep seeing nightmires of how the the trip goes wrong and how I don't get stuff done in time!!

1>> Three commissions, one to be fixed.
2>> Schoolwork
3>> Packing
4>> Confuzzled things need to be readdyyyy aaaaaahh

It's gonna be sooooooooooooooo aweeeesoommmeee thouuuugghhh!! I'll be the shortie with yellow-green eyeburning party clothing if you do spot me in the land of rain or at Confuzzled!!! >:3

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...for a commission? [CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED, THANK YOU <3]

:bulletblue: 1 Month - Coloured sketch Example Taken! c:
:bulletblue: 1 Year - Wallpaper commission Example Taken! :D
:bulletblue: 2 Years - Fullbody commission Example Taken! :3
:bulletblue: Hell freeze - Scenery commission Example Closed!
Each type is limited to 1 slot, if someone purchases the Hell Freeze one, other slots will be closed.

More detailed info on each drawing type:
:bulletblue: Coloured sketch: This is a half-body, sketchy lined, quickly shaded with my finishing touches on top. 1 Month prerium membership costs ~5USD, normal price for these commissions is 18EUR (~20USD)
:bulletblue: Wallpaper: This is a cellshaded drawing done with a slighly more quicker and experimental style, half-body of the character is shown. I take artistic freedom on these but you can request a certain colorsceme and atmosphere wanted. 1 Year prerium member ship costs ~30USD - these commissions don't have a set price though but I've done them for 50-70USD so far.
:bulletblue: Fullbody: This commission refers to my cellshaded fullbody drawings that you've probably seen the most. Two years of prerium membership costs 48USD while these commissions are normally 50EUR (~70USD)
:bulletblue: Scenery: This type of commission I've not done before, but it would include atleast two-three main characters (most of the body shown in full detail) and a background of choise, background may have other characters drawn further away or partially showing as in the example. Please do note that you are required to have good reference images for the background, unless it's finnish nature which I can see from my window. The 'til hell freezes over that is 7 years of prerium costs 200USD. There is no price tag for this type of commission though since I don't offer them.

My ToS is over here:…
I am most talented at drawing anthromorphic animals, but that doesn't mean I can't draw anything else. I can also draw humans, regular animals or even fantasy species. I will not draw adult material however, very suggestive themes or hateful material that's aimed at someone etc.

Note that these prices are a lot cheaper than my regular commissions, cause I've noticed that here over DA people don't seem to really respect art as an actual product. Drawing is my job and my only income at the moment, I hope you understand this. People who do art as a hobby can charge whatever they want since their actual income comes elsewhere, but if I charged 1 dollar per drawing I wouldn't be here healthy and alive.

You can contact me via notes c:
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Why is it...

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2014, 6:36 AM hard to post the new art into here aswell??

O right, my desktop sucks and my laptop is on the way, superduper lazy lazyyyh.
How do I motivate myself to post art into other places than FurAffinity?

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